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Tranquil Flow Yoga

We will begin slow, warming up the body with intentional movement. Then we will do longer held yin poses to feel into our bodies and start our day!

This class is generally offered on Sunday morning from 9:00AM to 10:00AM at The Rialto Theater.

Tranquil Flow Yoga by All Walks Yoga

EveryBody Flow Yoga

An inclusive flow for everyone! Accessible poses will be linked with breath and set to music to get us moving.

This class is generally offered on Monday afternoon from 6:00PM to 7:00PM at The Rialto Theater.

Everybody Flow Yoga by All Walks Yoga

Why Choose Us?

Yoga for All

Accessible classes and instructors that guide you at your level regardless of experience.

More Than Physical Poses

There are eight limbs of Yoga. We focus on more than just the physical aspect.

Safe Space

We strive to be a safe welcoming space for all. This is YOUR studio to grow, heal, and learn.

Contact Us

We'd love to talk to you. If you have questions for us or are interested in working together, let's connect! Reach out using the contact form or by email at

  • (234) 738-2024‬
  • Akron, Ohio